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-Parallels - A story of ideas revolving and repeating, but never quite converging, while playing with the nuances of scale and tempo. In the enigmatic realm of the arts, where definitions and expectations are redefined, Shape of Circus proudly presents Parallels. Parallels explores the artistry of evolving concepts, transforms abstract ideas into stunning acrobatic feats and cascades into a myriad of captivating variations. Observe as Parallels pays homage to contemporary circus by blending partner acrobatics with conceptual storytelling to turn the theatre into an echo chamber of movement.

Run time: 90 minutes

Asheville, NC - June 22/24

Tickets available now.
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Custom shows

Let Shape of Circus curate a bespoke performance to match your event's needs, whether you require a captivating show ranging from as short as 5 minutes all the way to a 90 minutes production suiting your theme.

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