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About Us

Our Story

I feel like, at one point all artists want to make something that is their own. We often will make a single act, but often the act is not performed exactly as it was meant to be performed. Even the most renowned circus companies make artistic changes to accommodate storylines for various productions; taking away from the original creativity of the act itself.  

Shape of circus started as a rebellion to those artistic changes. We want to showcase our art, our way, as it is intended to be viewed. We want to tell our own stories and foster an emotional relationship with our audiences.   Our acts, our show, our future work has no expectations, We are not bound by the stipulation of making a million dollars, our shows are simply artistic decisions we wish to showcase. It is our selves in these moments that we are sharing. It is how we connect with an audience, how we share our emotions, our time and yours,

Together with time.

Our process

Before jumping into how we do, there are a few hard rules we follow.

1. Applause is earned, not asked for.

2. We are telling a story.

3. We are pushing our limits to better ourselves.

It starts with a pen and a pad, a spark of an idea, or a laptop if we're feeling modern. The story we write is usually only a few sentences long, but it is the  platform for everything; we derive the theme, the feel we want for the show, and as we move forward this is what we fall back onto make sure we're staying true to the narrative.

"A story through life between father and daughter" - story behind 7 Years

Expand, revise, refine, write to a point where we know where the show is going and all we do is populate it with skills. The hard part is done, our director is now the pages that lay infront of us. Now to push, We embrace the challenge, propelled by the passion to make our show bigger, weirder, and undeniably captivating. With every stroke of creativity, we unlock new dimensions, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Our dedication lies in crafting an experience that transcends expectations, captivating audiences. 

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