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Double Feature

 Shape of Circus 



Chalk - an act about struggle. The struggle society places on us to conform to societal norms and hustling endlessly in pursuit of the white picket fence American dream vs the struggle to get away from all of that, and the vices we use to escape it all. 

Run time: 30 minutes



A contemporary juggling with an intimate look at the struggles of two unique individuals. One performer lives with bipolar disorder, while the other is a bilingual Japanese Canadian, both facing their own set of challenges. As they tell their stories through the medium of juggling, they find solace and support in each other, and in the process, explore the theme of duality, the ever-present contrast between chaos and order within themselves, and their journey of finding acceptance in society.

Run time: 55minutes

Are you ready?

 Shape of Circus with Spicey Lemon company

Experience the extraordinary collaboration between two contemporary companies, showcasing the finest artistic talent that British Columbia has to offer. While our performers may come from diverse backgrounds, this captivating province has become our cherished home. As proud "locals," we understand the importance of fostering a strong community, highlighting our unique strengths, and paving the way for artistic development.

In a refreshing departure from the norm, we strive to present high-caliber circus performances that originate right here in our neighborhood. By harnessing the immense talent and creativity within our local circles, we aim to establish a vibrant and authentic circus scene that reflects the essence of our region.

This collaboration exemplifies the rich cultural diversity of British Columbia, uniting performers with unique perspectives and experiences. Together, our mission is to create an artistic experience that deeply resonates with both local audiences and visitors, celebrating the remarkable talents nurtured within our community.

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